CSR - Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling is close to our heart and we would like to serve the community and the financial and real estate sectors that we are associated with. With the exponential growth of retail finance products i.e, mortgages, personal loans, auto loans, gold loans and credit cards we find families getting into debt trap without understanding the future implications.
In a country, where taking debt was a taboo, the emergence of retail banking offers and individuals desire for lifestyles beyond their means, greed and lack of education has spurned a new community of defaulters in the financial services sector.
We believe that majority of them lack the basic financial knowledge and education to understand the way out of this muddle and look up at the spiritual world for help. While it is essential to take spiritual help in all times in life, it is important to act in his or her providence to lead a life for the purpose one has born in this earth.
KSMC would be dedicating fourth Saturday of every month to counsel families in debt trap. It should be noted that the individuals coming to us should know that we are doing on voluntary basis and not under any regulatory directive. It is of utmost importance that they should come with an open mind to share the complete situation including the documents stated below for our perusal to give a specific solution.
Please note that we do not or will not give suggestions or alternatives to avoid repayment of debt to the financial institutions that they are obligated to pay or give options to file cases against institutions. Our recommendations should be seen only as a suggestion to help and re-engineer personal finance or alternative options that we may think to be meaningful to come out of debt trap on a permanent basis. KSMC or its consultants will never represent the client in any forum or office to support or oppose any individual or organization. However, we may conduct open house or closed door sessions for organizations or groups to educate and counsel with declaration by the organization or groups and individually about the non-partisan role of KSMC in such forums.
Our counseling session will be helpful for individuals open to change and genuinely want to come out of the debt trap. We believe this would be our way of spreading expression of love to see families having happy life.
If you want to meet us or refer your close friend contact us or write to us as per the details given below. Click on the list of documents to be brought with you in the first visit.
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List of Documents
  1. Loan Agreement in case of secured or unsecured loan
  2. Sanction letter
  3. Disbursement Letter
  4. Guarantee form
  5. Photocopy of Asset papers in case of secured loans
  6. Loan default letters or reminder letters
  7. Notices if any
  8. Approximate value of the asset
  9. Details of Personal finance in terms of investments, assets and liabilities and personal family expenses.