We Serve
Financial Services Sector:
We serve Institutions in financial services sector which includes Housing Finance Companies (HFCs), Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), Co-operative banks and banks in the public & private sector.

Our core solutions have been around the building blocks of the financial services sector to manage the dynamic & evolving world economy. Our consulting process is all about being part of implementation team bringing value to our clients.

Our Consulting Blocks in the financial services space
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Strategic planning for Retail Financial Services

The strategic planning process should be the fountain head of any business unit in a dynamic environment with myriad of challenges posed by the regulatory framework as well competition from the unrelated businesses. We at KSMC-RFS handhold our client organizations in creating frameworks and draw the road map for implementation of short-term and long-term plans
We assist in conceiving and implementing strategies successfully contributing to P&L of the financial institution.

Designing Risk Framework

Designing products & services, meeting the target group of the financial services sector is a challenge. It is also necessary to map the products & services to the credit and operational policy framework of the organization to ensure regulatory compliance. KSMC-RFS helps in designing credit & operational policy framework considering the existing basket of product offerings, proposed new products & customer segments and the geographical expansion being planned. The expertise of the consultants in KSMC-RFS with domain knowledge in retail financial products can be effectively used for implementation of score card based model for customer acceptance and risk based pricing.

Securitization, Valuation, Portfolio Reviews and Business Audits

We assist financial institutions in securitization of assets. We represent our clients for cherry picking of portfolio based on their norms and our trusted partners have expertise in portfolio valuations protecting the interest of the institutions.

While securitization may be needed at a particular juncture, we do advice and undertake rigorous reviews of existing portfolio to create frameworks for identifying early alerts and help the organization to have internal ratings of the portfolio quality. We measure the quality of assets and also help in drawing a policy for alignment with internal controls or to conform to investors’ perspective.

In addition to the portfolio reviews, we do undertake operational, process and business audit of branch operations or franchisee operations of the institution from a multidimensional perspective.

Business Analytics

It is important for organizations to understand and create opportunities in multiple areas of business, right from risk management to managing customer relationship to combating frauds or complying with regulatory norms. Business Analytics is the science of understanding the data of the organization be it from business intelligence perspective or from creating models as per the need of the business.

Design and Implementation of Retail Distribution Model & Customer Experience Studies


The basic concern of every financial institution is to increase the business mix. In order to increase the deposit and loan base of the financial institution, it is necessary to increase the reach of its products. We assist in

  • Design, Implementation and audit of Retail Distribution Model
  • Conducting exploratory market research studies

The customer being at the core of every business, it is essential to understand the experience to map the delivery model of the organizational products and services. We help our client organization in building the foundation for a customer centric organization by putting in place the following five elements


  • Mapping and Review of existing sales delivery process.
  • Critical decision making factors for the customer in purchase decision.
  • Human factor – Moment of Truth.
  • Training and Development of Retail team and entire organization to deliver the promise.
  • Brand experience inputs to brand positioning being communicated.

Learning and Development


Capability Building is a focus area for KSMC-RFS. We specialize in conducting

  • Skill based functional and behavioral class room training
  • E-learning: build programs exclusively for institutions

We have executed functional and behavioral training programs for financial institutions based on the BOO /BOOT/BOT principles. Our effort has always been to custom design the training modules and develop specific to the organization bringing out the uniqueness of the organizational process, system and culture. The facilitation process has been focused on developing case studies specific to the market and customer segment of the institution thereby simulating the field experience in the classroom to internalize the learning’s.


We are in the process of building content based E-Learning platform that can be accessed by finance professionals. We would also provide an independent platform for internal assessments of its employees on functional aspects and be a certifying agency as per the norms of the Institution.


6a. Psychometric Testing


Our Principal Consultants are certified in Psychometric Testing by Thomas International. It can be effectively used for

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Training Needs Identification
  • Team Building, Leadership development and Managerial Development programs

Testimonials from Mortgage Business Professional      :     "The program was very helpful for me as a credit person. I would love to be a part of future training also"      :       "The trainers are experts and are thorough with their concepts"     :      "Excellent material with lot of learning"     :      "Enjoyed the way facilitator presented"     :      "The program has helped me to understand mortgage at micro level"     :      "This training program is very useful and meaningful. It was easy to relate to our work"     :      "The program helped me to understand the concepts of mortgage business"     :      "One of the best training program attended"     :      "This program gave a lot of insight to legal & credit process and dos & don'ts have been clearly understood"


Testimonials from Mortgage Business Professiona
  • "The program was very helpful for me as a credit person. I would love to be a part of future training also"

  • "The trainers are experts and are thorough with their concepts"

  • "Excellent material with lot of learning"

  • "Enjoyed the way facilitator presented"

  • "The program has helped me to understand mortgage at micro level"

  • "This training program is very useful and meaningful. It was easy to relate to our work";

  • "The program helped me to understand the concepts of mortgage business"

  • "One of the best training program attended"

  • "This program gave a lot of insight to legal & credit process and dos & don’ts have been clearly understood"