Consulting Approach
Consulting Practice
We offer our services based on the client needs. We understand that clients would like us to be associated in developing a business plan for their existing or new business in the offing and there are times they would like us to work with their team on a specific area of business or only help them to develop or upgrade competencies of their people. Thus our practice has been developed along the three verticals.
Strategia our Strategic Vertical for a Holistic Solution

Strategia is a Greek word meaning “generalship”. We mean long-term action plan. In our engagement in this vertical our consulting process begins with understanding of the environment in which the organization operates and issues that is affected by the social, technological, economic, legal and political environment. We deliver the long term road map for the organization and would love to see the implementation process and review at the regular intervals to see the goals being achieved.

Shastras: Intervention based Vertical for building Armory to the Business
Shastras is a Sanskrit word when alphabet “a” is abbreviated and pronounced as “astras” means weapons that are held to the body for defence.
Our consulting vertical helps client organizations in using the weapons of operational, process and product audit to identify the areas of improvement needed to meet the long term goals. This intervention based consulting approach enables organizations to evolve and validate existing business practices. Shastras are thus useful in bringing out quantum change to the current situation in the organization. We also deploy this approach, which help us in relating to the organizational issues in our holistic solution vertical i.e, Strategia.
Facultas: Our Capability Development Vertical for building Competencies of People for Business
Facultas is a Latin word meaning many things like power, ability and capacity & Capability. Our competencies building vertical Facultas assist with the capability development in an organization. We believe that it is the people in the organization who are the backbone for implementing the policies and procedures developed by the management. By designing and developing programs to develop business competencies, we aim to empower people within the organization to implement business policies and procedures.